Individual Coaching

If you’re looking to bring about some meaningful change in your work life by taking your business communication game to the next level, you’re in the right section.

Communication Coaching Program

If you’re looking for lasting improvements to your business communication that will make a real difference but aren’t sure how to make them happen, this is the coaching program for you.

During the 6-month Cambio Coaching Program, you’ll get clear on your Purpose, identify Key Results that you want to get around your work communication, and track toward those results consistently. You’ll explore the obstacles that have been getting in your way, and you’ll design the best way for you to deal with them to become more effective in the work you do. But best of all, you’ll have unlimited email and phone support from your coach during the duration of your program.

What will we cover in the Program?

That depends greatly on your situation and what you need to work on. For example…

If you need to “up” your leadership communication, we might work on:

  • Leading effective meetings
  • Providing powerful feedback
  • Communicating change in-person and in writing

If you’re an individual contributor, we might work on:

  • Effective email tone
  • Communicating and managing “up”
  • Asking for a raise

Or regardless of your situation, you might want to work on:

  • Addressing conflict
  • Negotiating deals and salaries
  • Critical conversations
  • Articulating ideas efficiently
  • Telling good business stories

If you need to “up” your public speaking game, we might work on:

  • Connecting with your audience
  • Appearing more authentic and relatable
  • Structuring your message

If you’re thinking about landing your next role, we might work on:

  • Telling your “story” or elevator pitch
  • Networking and interviewing
  • Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile


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Standalone Meetings

Purpose Meeting

During this 2-hour meeting you’ll discover your Purpose and craft a Purpose Statement. I’ll ask you to think about times in your work and personal life when you’ve felt fulfilled and satisfied. We’ll capture the stories you come up with and help you find the common elements in all those stories to come up with your Purpose. Click here to read more about Being On Purpose.

Key Results Meeting

During this 90-minute meeting you’ll identify the most important Key Results that you want to see in the next 6 months that’ll help you communicate better and be more effective at work. We’ll help you capture specific, measurable, realistic, and positively stated goals toward which you can start tracking immediately.


For the most up-to-date pricing on all our products, please refer to our Pricing Sheet.

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