Team Coaching

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Team Communication Coaching

Do you have a team that isn’t performing as well as you know they can? Maybe they’re not crystal clear on their purpose. Maybe they’re not doing a good job of communicating their value to others outside their team. Maybe communication among the team members has broken down. We can coach your team around a number of communication challenges, including:


  • Critical team presentations
  • Team’s elevator speech
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Giving difficult feedback

Team Purpose Meeting

Sometimes all a team needs to get on a path to high performance is to get clear about why they exist and how they want to conduct themselves. In our Team Purpose Meeting, we’ll facilitate a discussion to draw out your team’s strengths and the conditions that must be present for them to perform at their best. The team will leave this 3-4 hour meeting with a Purpose Statement that they can use moving forward to make sure their actions and decisions are aligned with their purpose.

‘Key Results’ Goal-Setting Meeting

Sometimes a team is clear on its purpose—why it exists and what’s present when it’s at its best—and still it could be having trouble executing on that purpose. But when a team sets aside some time to think about the key results they would truly value and articulates them concretely, it often represents a very big first step toward achieving  those results. In this 2-3 hour Meeting, we’ll facilitate a discussion to nail down the 5-10 Key Results that would be most valuable for your team to get in the next 3-6 months.

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