Workshops & Assessments

We also deliver workshops and keynotes to groups and offer 360-degree leadership assessments.


  • Purpose at Work: Doing What You’re Meant to Do
  • How to Tell a Great Business Story
  • Networking with Authenticity
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback Without Dreading It
  • Effective Business Communication

Keynote Speech

  • The Road to Career Happiness

Interested in a workshop or a keynote?

Our “off-the-shelf” workshops start at $500 for a 1-hour workshop, but pricing will vary depending on if we’re preparing something custom for your group, if it’s combined with other services we’re providing for you, and other factors.

Please contact us so we can understand your needs and so we can discuss scheduling and pricing. We can tweak and adapt our team and group offerings to your particular situation, and we can create a new program for you. Let’s talk!

Benchmarks® Leadership Assessments

I’m certified to debrief the suite of Benchmarks® 360 Assessments from Center for Creative Leadership. The instruments collect opinions about an individual’s performance from a range of co-workers (e.g., peers, direct reports, manager, manager’s peers, customers) and allow the him/her to identify blind spots that may be getting in the way.

Although I offer standalone assessment debriefs, many of my coaching clients decide to purchase an individual assessment in parallel with their coaching program to understand how others in their work life perceive them and identify any blind spots they may have been unaware of.

If you lead a team, you may also appreciate the consistent reporting format of the assessments. When your entire team goes through the assessment, the reporting helps create a common leadership language that helps increase awareness among the team members and can elevate the team to the next level of performance.

Are you ready to get started with a 360 assessment?


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