Do you communicate like you drive?

Do you judge others by how they drive? I admit it: I do. I feel that how we behave when we're driving in traffic is pretty analogous to how we work and even how we live our lives. So what kind of driver are you? And how do you view those other drivers...

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How much should you apologize at work?

It's a given in business: things go wrong. And what organizations, teams, and even individuals do when that happens speaks volumes about them. So what do YOU do when things go wrong? Hopefully, you do what professionals do—you fix the situation. But beyond...

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And this is relevant to me how?

If you want people to care about what you're telling them, frame it in a way that's relevant to them. Whether you're telling a story, writing an email, or pitching an idea, if you don't tell people why you think they should care, they'll likely tune you...

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