What’s Your Purpose?

You already know how to be On Purpose

Think of a situation in the past—whether as an individual or as a team—when you’ve felt extremely satisfied and fulfilled. When it seemed that doing whatever you were doing was effortless.

Some people refer to it as being “in flow.” Others think of it as “firing on all cylinders.” We call it being On Purpose.

Being On Purpose feels like you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. Whether as an individual or as a team, it feels like you’re employing your natural strengths in what you’re doing, and deriving great satisfaction and fulfillment from it.

As individuals, every one of us has felt this at some time or another. Sometimes for long periods. Sometimes for short periods. Sometimes for just an instant. Whatever the case, we already know what it is to be On Purpose.


We’re better when we’re On Purpose

When you’re On Purpose, you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing.  The coaching we do at Cambio starts with identifying your Purpose, based on your own past experience.  Everything else flows from there.

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