People are saying...

Sounding board & partner

“Guillermo’s been a sounding board, an accountability partner, and a steadying advisor as I talked about personal challenges, professional aspirations, and my ‘body of work’.”

– David Jessup
CEO, Digi-Bridge
Charlotte, NC


Asking the right questions

“Guillermo listened carefully and was able to ask timely, relevant questions that enabled me to articulate thoughts, feelings, and perspectives in ways that left me with clear action steps.”

– Sheila Wheeler
financial services professional
Denver, CO

More than just commmunication coaching

This is more than a communications coaching experience! I can’t highly recommend Guillermo enough. For anyone looking to level up their leadership skills, Guillermo is an accountability partner, an exceptional teacher, and will be rooting for you every step of the way. Not only did I improve my communication skills—my mindset, execution, and results improved too! He creates a supportive environment in each session. He nudges you to see possibility, facilitates relevant practice and opportunities to apply it in real life, and helps you take steps towards your goals.

– Deepti Panjabi
Data Manager, nonprofit
Charlotte, NC

The answer lies within

“Guillermo’s effective methods helped me to realize that I was going through a transition in my leadership style, without being aware of it! …Thank you, Guillermo, for helping me align my vision with my leadership style, for broadening my thinking, and for reminding me that the ‘answer lies within.’”

– Aashima Vadhera
Director- Finance, Midrex Technologies
New Delhi, India

Build your confidence

“…I could trust [Guillermo]; which in turn helped me to build confidence and motivation that led to the expansion of my professional network, a new job, and beginning business school. I can easily say that I got more out of the experience than I ever expected, and couldn’t be happier.”

– Whitney Davidson
corporate real estate professional
Charlotte, NC

Setting goals

“When I started meeting with Guillermo I didn’t really know where I wanted to go… he helped me identify the kind of role in which I could be most successful, and we came up with a plan of action that enabled me to get to that next step in my career.”

– Maddy Adler
corporate finance professional
Charlotte, NC

Engaging the audience

“Appreciate the way you were able to engage the group. You got some real honest interactions from some in our group that would normally be reluctant to share… Great finish, feedback from the group was really positive. Look forward to working with you again in the future.”

– Perry Harms
General Manager
Smithfield Premium Genetics
Wilmington, NC

Sharpen your pitches

“[We have] told you about our recent successes with the VDOT term contract and the Prince William County animal shelter selection… Many, many thanks to you for your insights and support over the last year… it’s remarkable how the confidence level here has climbed – many, many thanks for your patience and encouragement.”

– John Cole
Cole & Denny Architects
Alexandria, VA

Focused on leadership

“Guillermo! We are truly blessed that you were able to come and work with us on Thursday. I’ve received lots of positive feedback and feel that we can apply what we learned to become better leaders.”

– Danilo Formolo
Director, Language Services
Carolinas Healthcare System
Charlotte, NC

Thoughtful questions

“What I really liked most about your approach to coaching was that there was no pressure applied. You did not tell me how to think, but rather I would tell you what I was thinking, you would ask questions designed to make me think…”

– Corey Kuhar
supply chain professional
Durham, NC

I got the job!

“I wanted to write and thank you for all your help. I used the techniques we worked on in our session at a recent interview and I got the job… I will be recommending you to anyone who needs help with an interview, proposal, meeting etc.”

– Andy Cole
scientific research assistant
Boston, MA

Focused on you

“Some of the qualities that set Guillermo apart are his listening ability, patience, honesty and sincere interest in the success of others.”

– Anurag Raj
marketing strategy professional
Wilmington, DE