Words matter—they absolutely do. But images can work so much more efficiently than words (and even numbers!) when it comes to conveying key information in business. Let’s see if you agree.


Which of these can you process and remember most easily?


a) My opening paragraph above?


b) This table?


c) This chart?


It’s no contest, is it?


Yes, it takes a little more time to generate a graph or annotate a screenshot than to just write a string of sentences, but your email audience will appreciate that you’re bottom-lining information for them and presenting it in an efficient, easy-to-process way.


Try it! ‘Nough said.



Guillermo Villar is principal coach with Cambio Coaching. He helps high-achieving individuals and teams communicate with intention to get the business results they want. If you’re interested in working with Guillermo, sign up for a free meeting to explore how he can help.