Most people of “a certain age” (a group that includes me) are familiar with the work of comedian/actor/Academy Awards host Steve Martin (not the gentleman pictured above, by the way). And if you know that I usually blog about business communication, you may be asking yourself: “What do Steve Martin and comedy have to do with business communication?” Fair question.


Comedians are the ultimate presenters, I think. They’re out there working to keep your attention with their content (jokes) and their presence. This week, I want to point your attention to a recent article from in which Steve Martin breaks down how to deliver a great speech. He doesn’t address how to be funny as much as he he touches on several keys to effective presenting that include:


  • Envisioning yourself presenting
  • Testing your content with someone you trust
  • Practicing your timing (i.e., speed, pauses, etc.)

Maybe you were born with the funny gene, or maybe you weren’t—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you focus on the things you can practice and control so that you deliver your presentation like a Hollywood pro!



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