More and more, our work and non-work lives seem to intertwine, prompting us to ask ourselves some important questions. For example, should we dress, speak, text, and email at work like we do when we’re not at work? The way we text (or txt) and email our buddies has evolved into dialogue that includes emojis, memes, and acronyms (ROFL, LOL, JK, etc.). Does this make it universally acceptable? Where do we draw the line with our use of “text speak” in our workplace communication?


Here’s how I see it with the help of some recent articles on the matter:


Emojis in particular can definitely add some lightness and warmth to an email. Still, use them with people with whom you already have a friendly work relationship, and keep it simple (thumbs up, smiley face, etc.)


Realize that you run the risk of getting misinterpreted or judged if you communicate at work the same way you do in your personal life. Here’s some friendly advice on the matter in this article from Monica Torres for Ladders.


With so many emojis available, it can be hard to decide which ones to use and how much to use them.
This article from The Telegraph shines a light on the complexity.


The bottom line: Use emojis and other staples of communication from your personal life with intention and with caution to make sure that you’re creating the impression that’s appropriate for your purposes.



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