Whatever your opinion about eating carbohydrates happens to be, there’s something appealingly simple about a sandwich, isn’t there? You got your two pieces of bread and some main “stuff” that you’re meant to consume—simple. In business communication, I like to employ what I call “the information sandwich “because it helps people easily understand the information that you’re serving up for their consumption.


The information sandwich has 3 parts:


  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them (bread #1)
  2. Tell them (the “stuff”)
  3. Remind them what you just told them (bread #2)


In no way do I take credit for this communication structure even if I can’t point to its origin, but I can tell you that I constantly see the benefits of this “sandwich” structure in my work as a coach, teacher, and facilitator. If you worry that you’ll come off as too formulaic by using this structure—don’t! Whether it’s in an email communication, a presentation, or even a story that you tell a colleague, your business audience appreciates structure.


Email sandwich

In an email, you want to start with your bottom line (i.e., the reason you’re writing) and make it absolutely clear to your reader. Begin with your subject line:


SUBJECT: Looking for your feedback on Client X’s proposal.


Don’t miss an opportunity to deliver information right away, even as your message awaits in someone’s email queue. But keep right on going with your your opening sentence. You could state your bottom line quite directly as with:


Hi Mary, I’m writing to ask for your feedback on the Client X proposal…


And as you close your email, don’t forget to recap your bottom line:


I look forward to getting your feedback about Client X’s proposal before our next team meeting.



This “sandwich” advice works for more than just email. Consider your other workplace interactions and how this  approach may help with your presentations, one-on-one interactions, or other instances where you have an audience. Check back in next week for more advice particular to those situations.



Guillermo Villar is principal coach with Cambio Coaching. He helps high-achieving individuals and teams communicate with intention to get the business results they want. If you’re interested in working with Guillermo, sign up for a free meeting to explore how he can help.